Ball knobs

The DIN 319 standard ball knobs are used right across the machine construction industry. Erlemann+Huckenbeck is known for the solid design it offers (instead of hollow moulds). Our range comprises both the classic, gloss thermoset design and the matt thermoplastic variant.

Palm grips

The DIN 6335 standard has been synonymous with high-quality palm grips for decades. Subject to the product geometry, the thermoset material ensures that the grips can be used in applications with high hygiene requirements in particular. The surface is completely smooth to allow easy disinfection.

Star grips

Star grips from Erlemann+Huckenbeck are available in two material variants. Thermoset grips are particularly suited to applications involving high temperatures or high hygiene requirements. Thermoplastic grips, on the other hand, impress thanks to their contemporary matt surfaces and attractive price points.

Knob grips

Knob grips from Erlemann+Huckenbeck are particularly suited to applications in which a ball grip is not an option due to its fully round shape. These products are often installed on machines, plant equipment and on furniture/drawers.

Tapered handles

Tapered handles are highly versatile thanks to their user-friendly geometry and high-quality thermoset material. The solid handles are used on various processing machines as well as on barbecues, baking equipment and other kitchen appliances.

Machine handles

Machine handles made in line with our company standards are manufactured from thermoset. Due to their high thermal resistance, they are used on e.g. baking equipment. As they are comfortable to grip, they are also often used in material machining, such as on bench drills.


Plastic handles from Erlemann+Huckenbeck feature an ergonomic design. The solid material is heat resistant and durable, making it ideal for installation on manually operated machines and appliances used to heat ingredients in the catering / baking technology sector.


In contrast to standard products, the knurled nuts and knurled screws we offer are produced from robust thermoset. They are therefore particularly suited to use in environments with higher temperatures – or where hollow screws are not an option on account of their geometry.


Erlemann+Huckenbeck produces classic handwheels in line with the DIN 388 standard. These are suitable for universal use in machine and plant construction applications. They are characterised by their high stability, temperature resistance and good grip, despite their smooth surface.